Curriculum Vitae

Postdoctoral Research Posts

Postdoctoral Researcher

Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands (July 2022 - present)

Excellence Fellow

Radboud University, Nijmegen, Netherlands (July 2020 - June 2022)


PhD in Astronomy

University of Warwick, Coventry, UK (October 2016 - June 2020)
Thesis: The Host Galaxies and Progenitors of Core-Collapse Gamma-Ray Bursts
Supervisor: Dr Elizabeth Stanway

Physics with Astronomy MSci (1st, Hons)

University of Nottingham, Nottingham, UK (September 2012 - July 2016)
Masters project: The Influence of Environment on Galaxy Evolution (supervisor: Prof Omar Almaini)
Third year project: Observing Minor Planets (supervisor: Dr Steven Bamford)

Teaching & Outreach

Undergraduate Physics Laboratory - Demonstrator

University of Warwick (October 2016 - May 2019)
Demonstrating first year undergraduate core physics laboratories, and first year electronics labs. Building on this teaching experience, I gained associate fellowship of the Higher Education Academy (Advance HE).

Warwick Planetarium

University of Warwick (October 2016 - March 2020)
Over the course of my PhD, I was a frequent volunteer in the departmental outreach programme, taking an inflatable planetarium out to local schools and events on campus. More information about the Warwick planetarium can be found here.

Press Release

The study described in Chrimes et al. (2020) was publically disseminated in this press release.

Conferences Attended

Supernova Remnants and their Progenitors

Chandra X-ray Centre, Cambridge, USA (hybrid meeting, August 2022)
Gave a virtual presentation on "Predictions for runaway stars in the era of precise proper motion surveys".

National Astronomy Meeting 2022

University of Warwick, Coventry, UK (July 2022)
Presented a poster on "Towards an understanding of long gamma-ray burst environments through circumstellar medium population synthesis predictions".

European Astronomical Society Annual Meeting 2022

Palacio de Congresos de Valencia, Valencia, Spain (hosted by the University of Valencia, June/July 2022)
Presented a poster on "New insights into the Galactic magnetar population".

Nederlandse Astronomenconferentie (NAC) 2022

Blankenberge, Belgium (hosted by Ghent University, May/June 2022)
Gave a talk on "New insights into the Galactic magnetar population."

IAU Symposium 363: Neutron Star Astrophysics at the Crossroads

Virtual (November/December 2021)
Gave a talk on "Where are the Magnetar Binaries?" - the slides are available here - and chaired a parallel session.

FRB 2021

Virtual (July/August 2021)
Presented a poster on "An Extragalactic View of the Milky Way Neutron Star Population - and the Implications for Fast Radio Bursts".

National Astronomy Meeting 2021

University of Bath/Virtual (July 2021)
Presented a poster on "An Extragalactic View of the Milky Way Neutron Star Population - and the Implications for Fast Radio Bursts".

European Astronomical Society Annual Meeting 2021

Leiden University/Virtual (June/July 2021)
Gave a talk on "An Extragalactic View of the Milky Way Neutron Star Population - and the Implications for Fast Radio Bursts", available here.

The 30th Texas Relativistic Astrophysics Symposium

University of Portsmouth, Portsmouth, UK (December 2019)
Gave a talk on "Gamma-Ray Burst Central Engines with Binary Population Synthesis Models".
The presentation is available here.

STSCI Spring Symposium - the Deaths and Afterlives of Stars

Space Telescope Science Insitute, Baltimore, USA (April 2019)
Gave a talk "Exploring Progenitor Pathways for Long Duration Gamma-Ray Bursts in Binary Stellar Evolution Models".
You can view the talk here.

National Astronomy Meeting / European Week of Astronomy and Space Science 2018

Arena and Convention Centre, Liverpool, UK (hosted by Liverpool John Moores University, April 2018)
Presented a poster on "The Host Galaxies of Dark Gamma-Ray Bursts: Insights from Chandra and HST".

National Astronomy Meeting 2017

University of Hull, Hull, UK (July 2017)
Gave a talk on "Investigating a Population of Infrared-Bright GRB Host Galaxies".

Other Meetings

I have attended several other meetings and workshops, including the STFC introductory summer school in Hull, 2016, the STFC summer school on data science held at the University of Sussex in 2019, the UKSEDs conference at the University of Surrey, 2015, and various smaller one-day meetings at the RAS and Warwick.

Other Experience

Observing and Observing Time Awarded

Burst advocate for the STARGATE collaboration, and time awarded on the VLT in P108. Other experience includes a trip to aid in the comissioning of GOTO in November 2017, and time awarded as principle investigator for an INT gravitational-wave follow-up programme in semester 2020A.

Astronomy Secretary

University of Nottingham Physics Society (Physsoc) (March 2015 - March 2016)
As astronomy secretary, my primary role was to run regular training sessions for undergraduates on how to use the departmental telescope. The society won a gold STARS award from the Student's Union in 2015/2016.

Summer Research Project

University of Nottingham (July - August 2015)
A summer research project carried out in the cold atoms laboratries, designing and constructing circuitry for the rapid switch-on of an atom-trapping magnetic field. The project was funded by BP, and I went on to win a poster competition following completion of the project.